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Thursday, August 19, 2010

MAC Cancels Release of Rodarte's Controversial Collection

Here's the latest drama in the world of beauty...

I am relieved the edgy fashion duo Rodarte and its collaboration with Make-up Art Cosmetics, or MAC canceled their fall release of an ethnocentric (to say the very least) line of limited-edition products.

The names of the new products, including "Factory," and "Juarez," and photos, including an eye shadow streaked with eerie shades of blood red, emerged from a press release earlier in the summer. Rodarte described their inspiration behind the cosmetics as the designer's earlier road trip to Mexico.

Since then many have furiously argued whether or not Rodarte and MAC have crossed the line in terms of insensitivity to tragic conditions in Juarez, a town known for overwhelmingly high rates of death and violence.

It seems both companies used their collaboration to gain attention in the form of press. I find it hard to believe two major companies in an industry driven by media "accidentally" offended the masses. They certainly achieved their goal, and on the positive side it raised awareness of several things:
1) MAC announced a hefty donation to the women and children of Juarez,
2) more people are now aware of the turmoil in Juarez and Mexico
3) Rodarte is a young brand that blemished their name for the sake of edginess,
3) MAC, a veteran in the fashion and beauty industry, knows more about publicity than Rodarte and will most likely emerge from this scandal relatively unscathed.

Sure, both companies messed up majorly, but since MAC has a well-established reputation for being charitable and is probably the most respected and sought-after makeup brand out there. This misstep will likely only be a stumble for MAC, where as Rodarte will fall down flat.

But you know what they say about those who get knocked down: they get up again.

For more information about MAC and Rodarte, visit Temptalia

1 comment:

roberta said...

"But you know what they say about those who get knocked down: they get up again."

they get up again and put on some makeup!

But seriously, I love your take on this, Stella--right on target. Shame on Rodarte for their insensitivity and good for MAC for saving themselves through a charitable contribution in Juarez. The situation down there is beyond horrible.