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NEW - Request an Order!

 I am currently taking orders for hand made items (i.e. Cloud Poufs). If you would like to place an order send a request to along with your address and payment method. Please be patient as I make all items to order and I can only send them out as quickly as I can. Thank you!

Have you ever wondered...

1) What projects am I currently working on?
2) Where can I look at pictures of my project?
3) Are there any tips or tricks I want to share?

You're in luck because I will be share all of the above in each new sewing post. I'd like to be more organized both here on my blog and in every day life, so don't forget to click on this new tab to see everything all in one place!

Also, I would love to hear everyone's response to my questions above, even if it's not sewing-related.


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