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Sunday, May 30, 2010

3, 2, 1... blast off!

Get ready, people. Because yours truly has created a vlog on youtube!! I've already uploaded 3 videos, although the first 2 were supposed to fit into one video. I really could not, despite intense editing, fit the 20-some minutes of film I shot into 10 (I guess that's the maximum time you're allowed... lame!).

ENJOY!! And don't forget to subscribe to my channel - stellbellandco
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(part II below!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi! So I just wanted to quickly share a few of my favorite ideas/ inspirations at the moment. Basically, this is a list of what puts a little skip in my step these days:

1) Mini notebooks. Oh my dear goodness, why on earth did I not think to always carry around a tiny little notebook before? I am constantly jotting notes down in random notebooks or on scraps of paper, which I will immediately forget about the instant I put my pen down. (I am somewhat not looking forward to the day when I look though my things to see the same notes written over in 10 different places). Right now I'm using this blue mini comp book (picture below!) which I usually have with my double sided pink sharpie (I adore sharpies, but I kind of always have so I can't put in on the list here)

If anyone has a suggestion for an amazing notebook they bought (I mean, besides this one), let me know!

2. Pearly, sheer nails. I've been wearing OPI's "Pearl of Wisdom" now for like a month, and it takes forever to chip! It's a pretty, low-key color for if you want something a little girlie but not too over-the-top. A.K.A. my new fave!

3. Pink lips. No further comment :)

4. Matching. Now, I am not a natural-born matcher. For most of my life I was blissfully unaware of even the concept of matching an article of clothing with an accessory. Once I was made aware of the fact that pink, in fact, does not match with purple, I went into a phase I would call matching deviance. I purposely wore atypical color combinations (and still do today). Well now, I am simply in love with the idea of matching accessories. It's so cute-sy and proper, and when I do match my clothes I get this giddy feeling inside, like a little girl who is about to go to a tea party with all her friends and teddy bears.

5. Fabric purses. I have always, consciously or subconsciously, chosen fabric purses. For some reason they really resonate with me as opposed to a leather handbag. I can't explain it very well, but I guess I could start off with the fact that it is more earth friendly (for the most part). Anyways, I finally finished making one today and will probably post pictures tomorrow.

So stay tuned!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The other day I was thinking about how I pick clothes to wear out of my closet, and improving how I get dressed. I guess the idea started when I was reading an article in this month's VOGUE saying how it's important to think about and plan your outfits six months in advance. To me this was an absolutely odd statement because I have never, ever thought about my clothes like that. Sure, I've bought clothes that I didn't actually wear until months later, and I've even had the occasional daydream about fall fashion in the spring because I like to look at the runway shows. I was always confused as to why designers show their lines for the opposite season because I thought, well who is going to buy these now? And apparently people do! In truth, I really love the idea of planning in advance because I do tend to be the person who puts everything off until the last possible minute. And when that moment finally arrives, I have no clothes to wear and feel so overwhelmed that I pick the first damn thing that feels comfortable for the weather. And usually by this time, everything is picked over! Tragic!
I was also thinking about how choosing the right clothes for the occasion can be so critical. And by occasion I mean anything really, whether it's going to class, running errands, lounging around the house, going out for drinks, or attending a nice event. I've found it is necessary to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. When I'm feeling over- or under-dressed or if I'm wearing something completely inappropriate, I feel really uncomfortable! And you know what? People can tell when you feel uncomfortable because it makes THEM feel uncomfortable too.
My advice (and I know it may sound cliché): no matter what you are wearing, carry yourself with confidence: shoulders back, head up! My favorite mantra for when I'm not feeling my best is fake it till you make it. It sounds weird but I swear it works. If you are feeling insecure then make an extra effort to project confidence. If you are feeling sad or angry then put a smile on your face. When you act like how you want to feel, you will eventually embody it. I promise.

P. S. do you ever buy your clothes in advance? Leave me a message here or email me at

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Summertime Picks!

This is kind of a random side note, but I just saw a Starbucks commercial that got me really excited (you can watch it at They are doing a Frappuccino happy hour 3-5 PM until the 16th, which I think is sort of funny and sort of awesome at the same time because I used to get them when I was a lot younger and this gives me a reason to order something other than my usual soy latte or regular coffee. The kid in me is jumping for joy, and not from being over caffeinated by the way. But anyways on to the real point...

For me, a visit to Old Navy can be either hit or miss. But I'm excited about what's in store for this summer! I'm seeing some pretty good colors and shapes, so let's get started...

1. Old Navy Metallic-Embellished Rib-Knit Tank in the color "Spitfire" ($12.50).

I would like to see this tank top in person just to take a closer look at the beading details because sometimes beading can look very different in person than from the picture. I'm like what I see here though - I like the punchy color, and it's hard to find good colors sometimes. But it also comes in a black (Black Jack) and a brown (Cocoa Powder) color, and I have to say I like them all. And at this price you can afford all three if you want!

2. Old Navy Mix & Match Ruffle Trim Bikini Top and Bottom in the color "Brown Dots" ($16.50 each).


Two words: so cute! It's a good basic color, and I love the tiny polka dots and ruffle details.

3. Old Navy Plaid Halter Cabana Dress ($29.50).

Ok, I've been really into plaid lately and this dress caught my eye. I love the pockets and that it's a halter. I would probably wear it with a belt because sometimes an empire waist can make me look a little bigger around the middle, but otherwise it's a great little daytime dress.

4. Old Navy Smocked Gauze Button-Tab Shorts in the color "Madagascar" ($12.50).

When I saw these I got so excited - they look comfy, fun, and cute! I have to admit I had a difficult time choosing my favorite color for these shorts because they come in six shades! I also love the kelly green ("New Zealand") and fuchsia ("Sizzling Fuchsia") versions. I just love the idea of wearing super brightly  colored shorts, and I will tell you why. You know we all have those blah days when you don't really feel like making too big of an effort? These would be so good for those days paired with a simple white tee or tank because the colors would instantly put you in a good mood! And the price? Come on, it's such a good deal.

I hope you liked my picks! xoxo

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A Few Summertime Picks!

Hey! So I was just browsing one of my favorite places to shop online, Shop Bop, and decided to post some of my absolute favorite picks for the summertime.

First, I adore anything cute and girly, so I started with the Juicy Couture section. They are most famous for their colorful terry and velour tracksuits, which may not be on the forefront of fashion these days (i.e. since leggings replaced sweats as the go-to comfy pant). I find that a lot of Juicy's other pieces are spot-on, and maybe even underrated! So anyways, I'll start off with these comfy looking green shorts:

1.) Juicy Couture Convertible Shorts with Repair Details ($98).

(I am not sure as to why they are called "Repair Shorts"). Now, I am always on the lookout for the perfect short, and these are definitely going on my lust list. Maybe I will try and find a more reasonably priced version, in which case I will post it here. But the reason why I love these shorts is because of their shape, details, and color. They are super flattering, and have an interesting ribbon belt that ties in a bow on the back.

2.) Juicy Couture Felicity Floral Bra Bikini Top ($85) & String Bikini Bottoms ($83).

I'm not usually a big floral person, but I will make an exception here. And the flowers are so tiny so it's not like one of those BAM, in-your-face, gaudy floral prints where you can see the flowers from outer space (I'm very picky about my prints!). This flirty bikini is interesting to me because of its details: strategically placed ruffles that aren't too over the top, and a flower embellishment on each piece. It's not too much or not enough, it's tastefully just right and potentially something that you will want to wear year after year (i.e. it's not too too trendy). And I honestly have not seen a comparable version elsewhere, so I would definitely pick this one up before it's gone.

Well those are my favorites from Juicy, stay tuned for more of my summertime picks!

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