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Thursday, May 20, 2010


The other day I was thinking about how I pick clothes to wear out of my closet, and improving how I get dressed. I guess the idea started when I was reading an article in this month's VOGUE saying how it's important to think about and plan your outfits six months in advance. To me this was an absolutely odd statement because I have never, ever thought about my clothes like that. Sure, I've bought clothes that I didn't actually wear until months later, and I've even had the occasional daydream about fall fashion in the spring because I like to look at the runway shows. I was always confused as to why designers show their lines for the opposite season because I thought, well who is going to buy these now? And apparently people do! In truth, I really love the idea of planning in advance because I do tend to be the person who puts everything off until the last possible minute. And when that moment finally arrives, I have no clothes to wear and feel so overwhelmed that I pick the first damn thing that feels comfortable for the weather. And usually by this time, everything is picked over! Tragic!
I was also thinking about how choosing the right clothes for the occasion can be so critical. And by occasion I mean anything really, whether it's going to class, running errands, lounging around the house, going out for drinks, or attending a nice event. I've found it is necessary to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. When I'm feeling over- or under-dressed or if I'm wearing something completely inappropriate, I feel really uncomfortable! And you know what? People can tell when you feel uncomfortable because it makes THEM feel uncomfortable too.
My advice (and I know it may sound cliché): no matter what you are wearing, carry yourself with confidence: shoulders back, head up! My favorite mantra for when I'm not feeling my best is fake it till you make it. It sounds weird but I swear it works. If you are feeling insecure then make an extra effort to project confidence. If you are feeling sad or angry then put a smile on your face. When you act like how you want to feel, you will eventually embody it. I promise.

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