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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Few Summertime Picks!

Hey! So I was just browsing one of my favorite places to shop online, Shop Bop, and decided to post some of my absolute favorite picks for the summertime.

First, I adore anything cute and girly, so I started with the Juicy Couture section. They are most famous for their colorful terry and velour tracksuits, which may not be on the forefront of fashion these days (i.e. since leggings replaced sweats as the go-to comfy pant). I find that a lot of Juicy's other pieces are spot-on, and maybe even underrated! So anyways, I'll start off with these comfy looking green shorts:

1.) Juicy Couture Convertible Shorts with Repair Details ($98).

(I am not sure as to why they are called "Repair Shorts"). Now, I am always on the lookout for the perfect short, and these are definitely going on my lust list. Maybe I will try and find a more reasonably priced version, in which case I will post it here. But the reason why I love these shorts is because of their shape, details, and color. They are super flattering, and have an interesting ribbon belt that ties in a bow on the back.

2.) Juicy Couture Felicity Floral Bra Bikini Top ($85) & String Bikini Bottoms ($83).

I'm not usually a big floral person, but I will make an exception here. And the flowers are so tiny so it's not like one of those BAM, in-your-face, gaudy floral prints where you can see the flowers from outer space (I'm very picky about my prints!). This flirty bikini is interesting to me because of its details: strategically placed ruffles that aren't too over the top, and a flower embellishment on each piece. It's not too much or not enough, it's tastefully just right and potentially something that you will want to wear year after year (i.e. it's not too too trendy). And I honestly have not seen a comparable version elsewhere, so I would definitely pick this one up before it's gone.

Well those are my favorites from Juicy, stay tuned for more of my summertime picks!

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