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Sunday, September 26, 2010

my denim tote bag

my denim tote bag
my denim tote bag,
originally uploaded by Stella Kimbrough.
VoilĂ ! Check out many more pics of this bag, which was hand made by yours truly in winter 2010, plus many more pics of my sewing projects!
I'm lusting after some mid-height boots, and came across these at who is kind enough to provide these "badges" made especially for bloggers like me (& you).

That's not all. No, no. This site intrigues me, especially after finding these adorable rain boots:


Skerry by Tretorn at

Skerry by
Tretorn - Powered by Service

I've never heard of Tretorn, but I'm sold on these perfect little rain boots.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We're Moving!

I'm in the process of setting up the web site! When it is ready you will know. But be prepared to change your book marks so that you can keep reading the new and improved stellablog!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Decades of Inspiration: We're Going to the 90s

As a fan of the CW's Gossip Girl I am always eager to see Leighton Meester's (a.k.a. "Blair Waldorf") fashion choices, however curiously chic, questionable, or just plain wrong they may be. Well, she's done it again...

Image from
It's a bit odd, you see some familiar pieces that are on trend: the black booties, the interesting skirt with a high waist, and the really cool bag. What immediately jumped out at me, however, was the cropped long sleeved top with her stomach showing. My immediate reaction: oh my goodness it's so nineties! But I do say very clever of her. Wouldn't you agree?

I think the reason why I had such a strong reaction to her outfit is because fashion has yet to trend back to the decade of the 1990s. A few years ago, perhaps, was too soon. But now in our distant memories we can remember it as a very different and specific time.

For fashion that would mean, if I can remember: grunge, Nirvana and "Smells like teen spirit," tailored functional work (i.e. power suits with sneakers), and my personal favorite pop and old school Britney. Remember the days when Britney Spears wore her school girl shirt tied so epically high above her waist in her video for "Baby...One more time"? I will go out on a whim and pinpoint that video as the exact moment when it became cool and sexy to bare your stomach in public. Because from then on everyone was doing it.

But going back to reality I have to commend miss Meester for such a provocative look. Now on to the nineties we go! (Well, not really. It will take some momentum and time but mark my words it is truly inevitable!). Anyone else exited to pull out your flannel? Or the old crop-top?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Cloud Poufs! A Little Pouf of Joy

My official launch of the one of a kind and hand made Cloud Poufs is upon us!
 Cloud Poufs amongst chicks and hens. L-R: peas in a pod, peaches, & garlic. Photo courtesy of Roberta Fallon

Last weekend I had the chance to add four original hand made pieces to the shop within Bambi Gallery, a very cool space here in Northern Liberties. My cloud poufs, as I call them, arrived just in time for the city's First Friday openings. They are small, round, and adorable coin purse-esque pouches made of cotton fabric printed with green peas in a pod, orange peaches, and white garlic. Each pouch can be turned inside-out to display the reverse side.

 Cloud Poufs with chicks and hens. L-R: peas in a pod, peaches, & garlic. Photo courtesy of Roberta Fallon

This is a design I had originally invented over the winter of this year, which I made for no specific reason other than to hold my laundry quarters. Currently my mom uses it for SEPTA tokens. Here is a picture of it:

It kinda reminds me of a one-eyed monster.

Anyways, I will be making more of these, and some will have new prints I picked up this week - corn on the cob and lemons.

I also want to thank Candace @ Bambi Gallery for putting them on consignment! It was so sweet - thank you so much!

Click Here to visit Bambi's website

More pictures below...

Peach & Plants
Click Here for more pictures

Click Here for even more pictures 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

From Me to You: Link Love

Just for fun! Below are some other great sites I've been frequenting lately. I highly recommend checking them out!
  • All Lacquered Up - reviews, pictures, and all that is nail polish
  • - in-depth video fashion reports
  • Coco Perez - news about celeb fashion and such
  • Makeup Geek - fantastic makeup tutorials and videos
  • Temptalia - news about makeup launches, reviews, and pictures
Enjoy! & if you want to recommend a site post below!