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Monday, September 06, 2010

Cloud Poufs! A Little Pouf of Joy

My official launch of the one of a kind and hand made Cloud Poufs is upon us!
 Cloud Poufs amongst chicks and hens. L-R: peas in a pod, peaches, & garlic. Photo courtesy of Roberta Fallon

Last weekend I had the chance to add four original hand made pieces to the shop within Bambi Gallery, a very cool space here in Northern Liberties. My cloud poufs, as I call them, arrived just in time for the city's First Friday openings. They are small, round, and adorable coin purse-esque pouches made of cotton fabric printed with green peas in a pod, orange peaches, and white garlic. Each pouch can be turned inside-out to display the reverse side.

 Cloud Poufs with chicks and hens. L-R: peas in a pod, peaches, & garlic. Photo courtesy of Roberta Fallon

This is a design I had originally invented over the winter of this year, which I made for no specific reason other than to hold my laundry quarters. Currently my mom uses it for SEPTA tokens. Here is a picture of it:

It kinda reminds me of a one-eyed monster.

Anyways, I will be making more of these, and some will have new prints I picked up this week - corn on the cob and lemons.

I also want to thank Candace @ Bambi Gallery for putting them on consignment! It was so sweet - thank you so much!

Click Here to visit Bambi's website

More pictures below...

Peach & Plants
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Click Here for even more pictures 


roberta said...

hi, just testing

roberta said...

real comment since i had trouble a minute ago...

Dear Fasionbug, As a user of your little poufs I testify to their charms and must say I love its utility--perfect size for toting around little thingies! Bring on the corn...and thanks for the links. here's artblog's real link: