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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Decades of Inspiration: We're Going to the 90s

As a fan of the CW's Gossip Girl I am always eager to see Leighton Meester's (a.k.a. "Blair Waldorf") fashion choices, however curiously chic, questionable, or just plain wrong they may be. Well, she's done it again...

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It's a bit odd, you see some familiar pieces that are on trend: the black booties, the interesting skirt with a high waist, and the really cool bag. What immediately jumped out at me, however, was the cropped long sleeved top with her stomach showing. My immediate reaction: oh my goodness it's so nineties! But I do say very clever of her. Wouldn't you agree?

I think the reason why I had such a strong reaction to her outfit is because fashion has yet to trend back to the decade of the 1990s. A few years ago, perhaps, was too soon. But now in our distant memories we can remember it as a very different and specific time.

For fashion that would mean, if I can remember: grunge, Nirvana and "Smells like teen spirit," tailored functional work (i.e. power suits with sneakers), and my personal favorite pop and old school Britney. Remember the days when Britney Spears wore her school girl shirt tied so epically high above her waist in her video for "Baby...One more time"? I will go out on a whim and pinpoint that video as the exact moment when it became cool and sexy to bare your stomach in public. Because from then on everyone was doing it.

But going back to reality I have to commend miss Meester for such a provocative look. Now on to the nineties we go! (Well, not really. It will take some momentum and time but mark my words it is truly inevitable!). Anyone else exited to pull out your flannel? Or the old crop-top?


roberta said...

Wow, I love the new design, Stella! scrolling past the watercolor landscape is a trip and makes me think many fashion thoughts. congratulations!!

As for tummy baring, the 90's bared the belly button and below, with short tops that went longer than this young lady's harem-girl/I Dream of Genie cropped top (or is it a sports bra mutation???). While I think it's weird to fetishize the belly, I like this version better than what I remember of the 90s. In all cases, people who don't have abs of steel should avoid any belly-baring.

I do agree the 90s are sneaking back in. Flannel shirts--yes!

Stella said...

Yes, good point. She's only showing the top part of her stomach. However, if you remember this style became popular before the Britney era. Then coming into the 2000s extreme low-rise became all the rage, which lowered the part of the stomach being shown.

And I totally agree, I think if you have the stomach for it then go right ahead and show it off. But I don't think I could ever sport this style!