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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi! So I just wanted to quickly share a few of my favorite ideas/ inspirations at the moment. Basically, this is a list of what puts a little skip in my step these days:

1) Mini notebooks. Oh my dear goodness, why on earth did I not think to always carry around a tiny little notebook before? I am constantly jotting notes down in random notebooks or on scraps of paper, which I will immediately forget about the instant I put my pen down. (I am somewhat not looking forward to the day when I look though my things to see the same notes written over in 10 different places). Right now I'm using this blue mini comp book (picture below!) which I usually have with my double sided pink sharpie (I adore sharpies, but I kind of always have so I can't put in on the list here)

If anyone has a suggestion for an amazing notebook they bought (I mean, besides this one), let me know!

2. Pearly, sheer nails. I've been wearing OPI's "Pearl of Wisdom" now for like a month, and it takes forever to chip! It's a pretty, low-key color for if you want something a little girlie but not too over-the-top. A.K.A. my new fave!

3. Pink lips. No further comment :)

4. Matching. Now, I am not a natural-born matcher. For most of my life I was blissfully unaware of even the concept of matching an article of clothing with an accessory. Once I was made aware of the fact that pink, in fact, does not match with purple, I went into a phase I would call matching deviance. I purposely wore atypical color combinations (and still do today). Well now, I am simply in love with the idea of matching accessories. It's so cute-sy and proper, and when I do match my clothes I get this giddy feeling inside, like a little girl who is about to go to a tea party with all her friends and teddy bears.

5. Fabric purses. I have always, consciously or subconsciously, chosen fabric purses. For some reason they really resonate with me as opposed to a leather handbag. I can't explain it very well, but I guess I could start off with the fact that it is more earth friendly (for the most part). Anyways, I finally finished making one today and will probably post pictures tomorrow.

So stay tuned!

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roberta said...

Staples has mini spiral-bound notebooks with bright colored covers. They bundle them for sale in a 6-pack for not a lot of money. Perfect for notes! Put a sticker on the cover to personalize it (and hide the Staples logo) and you've got a great little notebook. : )