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Monday, March 29, 2010

As promised...

Let me reiterate how much fun I had at the Playboy Pajama Party, even though Madelyn & I somehow missed the "pajama" memo, we both looked fab as usual. (Details below).

A few of the transvestites, & a few of the best outfits of the evening!
The two on the right seem inspired by Lady Gaga (including a darker version of Gaga's infamous hairbow)
I loved the (I hope) faux fur stole on the lady to the left - I believe her name is Desiree? She was playing with the dark bunny persona.

Playboy Playmate Laurie Fetter with the Twister coat-man

Me & Barbie. She is SO tall!
On a side note: why do transvestites have the most amazing legs? It's not fair.
P.S. major props for being able to walk in those shoes (although they aren't quite my style)

So gorgeous!
(& I'm thinking of getting that outfit for next Halloween)

What we wore:
  • Madelyn was sporting her shiny new blue snakeskin clogs & a silver metallic scarf, which popped against & added interest her otherwise all-black ensemble.
  • I wore a mid-sleeve zebra print-block mini dress with a cowl neck and exposed back zipper from the affordable Franchesca's in Shadyside. I accessorized with a white patent purse from Nine West (they have great non-shoe items too!) and black velvet ballet slippers from, gasp, Gap Kids. Hey, when you're small enough, why not?

Images courtesy of Madelyn Roehrig


Karenlove said...

So jeal you got to go to that party.
P.S. let's be twins for halloween next year, even though people won't see it... cause i'll be half a pennsylvania away, we'll know at heart we're playboy bunnies!! xo

roberta said...

pictures! we need pictures of you and madelyn in your outfits from hair to shoes!! I love that you mingled with the bunnies and trannies and had such fun! this will be a hard act to follow!

libby rosof said...

Hi, StellaBell! Great post. I swear I had white platforms not all that different in the '70s! How did I stand in them??? Anyway, here's a fashion blog I want to recommend to you called dressaday,
Also check out the blogroll there!